TEA TIME GIN 500ml - limited edition 2020

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PICK UP ONLY -  AT THE CLUB ON DECEMBER 21st - 22nd - 23rd between 4PM and 7PM.


If you can not come to De Gudde Wëllen then De Gudde Wëllen comes to you!

This ready-to-mix bottle will bring the bestselling Gudde Wëllen cocktail right to your home and save your non-party from being boring! Cocktail instructions included!

Limited edition of 100 bottles. Infused at the club. Label design by Mischa Bernauer.


Composition: Earl Grey infused Supa Saya Gin

500 ml / alc. 40% vol.

To add: Elderflower Syrup, Lemon Juice, Tonic and Ice